Laboratory of Non Conventional Energy Sources

The Non Conventional Energy Sources (N-CES) Laboratory is located at the premises of the Environmental Engineering Department, and initiated its operation in June 2010. Its scientific aims lie in the fields of:

- Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) and the utilization of renewable fuels in SOFCs
- Hybrid Autonomous Renewable Power Systems comprising of photovoltaic and wind power sources and batteries and/or hydrogen storage systems
- Biomass potential estimations
- Techno-economic feasibility studies regarding biomass-to-energy applications

The laboratory closely collaborates with:
- the Laboratory of Process Systems Design and Implementation of the Chemical Process Engineering and Energy Resources Institute
- the Laboratory of Electrochemical Processes of Chemical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and
- the Laboratory of Alternative and Renewable Fuels of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Western Macedonia

and in the context of national and international research projects, it has also collaborated with numerous other institutions, universities and companies (University of Castilla-La-Mancha, University of Amsterdam, Hellenic Petroleum Renewable Energy Sources S.A., Tecnologias Avanzadas Inspiralia SL, St Andrews University, RISO DTU and others).

Costas A. Elmasides (Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineer, assigned in August 2014) and Costas J. Athanasiou (Lecturer, Chemical Engineer, assigned in June 2010) are the two Faculty members of the Laboratory, the first focusing his interests in Hybrid Renewable Energy Power Supply Systems and the second in Fuel Cells and Biomass. As members of the N-CES lab they have elaborated a number of publications in peer reviewed journals, international conferences and book chapters.

The N-CES lab mainly consists of two fully equipped experimental units.
The first is an experimental and fully recordable Autonomous Hybrid Renewable Energy Power Supply System comprised of:
- A photovoltaic system (PV) consisted of 5 photovoltaic panels, each one rated at 235 Wp results in a total installed capacity of ~1.2 kWp with an overall average efficiency of 15%
- A wind generators rated at 1 kWp
- An Energy storage system consisted of a strings of lead/acid cells of similar capacity, contributing to an overall accumulator of 200 Ah. The accumulator bank consists of 6 cells connected in series, with a nominal voltage of 2 V each, thus providing a nominal DC-bus voltage of 12 V.
- Power Electronics achieving the interconnection of the various subsystems as follows:
o DC/DC and AC/DC converters to connect the PVsystem and the wind generator to the DC bus
o single-phase DC/AC inverters to connect the DC bus to the load
- Data acquisition system

The second is an experimental apparatus for fuel cell and electrochemical measurements. It consists of:

- a high temperature (1500 oC) furnace for the preparation of unit SOFCs and the SOFCs operation at high temperature
- a system for the preparation and measurement of reactants/products gaseous stream
- a galvanostat-potentiostat for the electro-chemical measurements, and
- an analysis system for the gaseous streams including a gas-chromatograph and a continuous CO/CO2 infrared analyzer

Since 2010, the Laboratory had participated five research projects:

- "CO2 and H2O toward methanol synthesis at atmospheric pressure in co-ionic electrochemical membrane reactors" CAPITA COMMON INITIATIVE
- "A novel technology for producing bio-based synthetic textile fibres from biomass-derived furanic monomers" - 298619 - FP7-SME-2012-2, EU
- "Efficient Conversion of Coal to Electricity - Direct Coal Fuel Cells (DCFC)" - Research Fund for Coal and Steel, EU
- "Novel anodes for solid electrolyte membrane reactors and their applications in solid oxide fuel cells" - Contract with King Abulaziz City for Science and Technology
- "Study of the Biomass Potential for 2nd Generation Biofuels in Greece"

Dr C. Elmasides
Assistant Professor
Vas. Sofias 12, 67100, Xanthi, Greece
Tel. +30 2541079876 (+30 6974447972)

Dr C. Athanasiou
Vas. Sofias 12, 67100, Xanthi, Greece
Tel. +30 2541079316 (+30 6937657128)


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