Rapsomanikis Spyridonas

Position: Academic Staff

Rank: Professor

Laboratory: Atmospheric Pollution and of Pollution Control Engineering of Atmospheric Pollutants

Specialization: Atmospheric Pollution and Pollution Control Engineering of Atmospheric Pollutants

Education: B.Sc. (Honours), Ph.D.

Scientific Interests: Atmospheric Pollution; Dispersion of Atmospheric Pollutants; Climate Change; Determination of greenhouse gases and aerosol; Fluxes of climate relevant gases and aerosol; Micrometeorology; Biogeochemistry.

Undergraduate classes: Atmospheric chemistry; Atmospheric Pollution; Pollution control engineering of atmospheric pollutants; Climate Change/ LULUCF; Statistics II (Experimental Design, Process Optimization, Time Series) Applied Computer Programming II (MATLAB-ANSYS-DAISYLAB-LABVIEW), Atmospheric Chemical Processes, Micrometeorology.

Relevant Research Projects:
-Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in urban regions of Europe (Sapphire) 1,788,988 e - European Union ENVIRONMENT/E.E (DGXII) ENV4CT-2002-00089 (2003-2005)
-Assessment of the selected POPs (PCBs, PCDDs/Ps, POCPs in the atmosphere and water ecosystems from the waste materials generated by warfare in former Yugoslavia (APOPSBAL) - 828,735 e (61,997) e - European Union ENVIRONMENT/E.E (DGXII) IC 2-2001-20003 (2002-2005).
-Contribution of the high intensity gas seeps in the Black Sea to methane emission to the atmosphere (CRIMEA) - 71,664 -e European Union ENVIRONMENT-VK2-2001-00332 (2003-2005).
-Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modeling Environmental Changes (SESAME/ 639).-65,000 e - European Union ENVIRONMENT/ (DGXII) 2006-00639 (2006-2010).
-Urban heat island project for the city of Athens e Thermopolis 2009 -450,000 e- ESA funded (2008-2010).
-Regional Investment Fund for Thrace (2012): New Atmospheric Pollution Laboratory Instrumentation, -998,000 e

Examples of recent publications:
-'Vertical energy and momentum fluxes in the center of Athens, Greece, during a heatwave period (Thermopolis 2009 Campaign).' Rapsomanikis S., Trepekli A., Loupa G. , Polyzou C., Boundary Layer Meteorol. (2014) In Press.
-'Multi-wavelength Raman lidar, sun photometric and aircraft measurements in combination with inversion models for the estimation of the aerosol optical and physico-chemical properties over Athens, Greece' R. E. Mamouri, A. Papayannis, V. Amiridis , D. Mueller , P. Kokkalis , S. Rapsomanikis , E. T. Karageorgos , G. Tsaknakis , A. Nenes, S. Kazadzis , E. Remoundaki, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 5, 1793-1808 (2012).
-'Optical properties of aerosol over a South European urban environment' K.Kelektsoglou, S. Rapsomanikis, E.T.Karageorgos, I. Kosmadakis, Int. J. Rem. Sensing. Vol. 33, 1214, (2012).
-'AERONET observations of direct and indirect aerosol effects over a south European conurbation', K.Kelektsoglou, S. Rapsomanikis, Int. J. Rem. Sensing. Volume 32, (10) pages 2779-2798. (2011).
-'Estimation of the microphysical aerosol properties over Thessaloniki, Greece, during the SCOUT-O3 campaign with the synergy of Raman lidar and sun photometer data' D. Balis, E. Giannakaki, D. Mueller, V. Amiridis, K. Kelektsoglou, S. Rapsomanikis and A. Bais. J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 115, D08202, doi: 10.1029/2009JD013088, (2010).
-'Assesment of the sources of the inorganic fraction of aerosol in a conurbation'. E. T. Karageorgos and S. Rapsomanikis. Int. J. Env. Analyt. Chem. 90: 1, 64-83, (2009).

-On the reviewers board of the ERC (European Research Council) since 2004.
-Leader of the National Representative Teams for the ESFRI, ESA-GMES and ESA- High Level Space Policy Forum, from 2008-2010.

Biographicalsummary: Director of the National Research Infrastructure: ' Facility for Airborne Research, Observation and Sensing' (FAROS), an integrated but distributed National Research Infrastructure for the atmospheric sciences and climate change in Greece, using airborne and remote sensing platforms and a ground-based station. It provides facilities for research groups across the country to accomplish excellence in national and international fora. It concentrates in carrying out research on (I) Atmospheric quality, composition and physicochemical processes (II) The change of the local and global climate (III) Weather science, extreme and hazardous weather, weather modification and (IV) Technologies for the observation, remote sensing and modeling of the nationally prevailing atmosphere.Professor, Chairman of the Department 2002-2004, Director (2003-2016) of the Laboratory of Atmospheric Pollution and of Pollution Control Engineering of Atmospheric Pollutants, Department of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, 67100 Xanthi, GREECE,

Contact details:
tel: 25410 79380
Fax: 25410-79379
email: rapsomanikis.spyridon@airpollab.gr
Personal website: http://www.airpollab.gr/

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  • Address:Department of Environmental Engineering, 67100, Xanthi

  • Telephone: 30 25410 79109,79117,79112

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