Stamatelatou Aikaterini

Rank: Assistant professor

Laboratory: Laboratory of Wastewater Management and Treatment Technologies

Field of expertise: Environmental Technology (act of employment 479/8-6-2010)

Education: graduated from the department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, PhD in Chemical Engineering

Short description of scientific interests: experimental and theoretical study (through laboratory prototypes and mathematical models respectively) of the anaerobic digestion process for the treatment and valorisation of wastes and biomass so that energy carriers (such as methane and hydrogen) as well as other high added value compounds can be produced.

Teaching of undergraduate courses:
Physical unit processes (4thsemester)
Chemical and biochemical unit processes (5thsemester)
Anaerobic processes for waste and biomass valorization (9th semester)

Selected projects:
COSTTD1203 "Food waste valorisation for sustainable chemicals, materials & fuels (EUBis): ""
COSTES1202: "ConceivingWastewaterTreatmentin 2020 - Energetic, environmentalandeconomicchallenges (Water_2020)" " (Processintegration)"
Biofuel production through bioprocesses , code 80706. Funded by ETAA (2010-2013).
"Wastevalorisationforenergyproduction", code 81262. Funded by ETAA (2013-2015), .

Selected publications:
K. Stamatelatou, G. Antonopoulou, I. NtaikouandG. Lyberatos (2012). The effect of physical, chemical and biological pretreatments of biomass on its anaerobic digestibility and biogas production in Biogas Production: Pretreatment Methods in Anaerobic Digestion. Scrivener Publishing, USA.
K. Stamatelatou, G. Antonopoulou, and P. Michailides (2014) Biomethane and biohydrogen production via anaerobic digestion/fermentation in Advances in biorefineries, Woodhead Publishing Limited, UK
G. Antonopoulou, K.Stamatelatou and G. Lyberatos (2010). Exploitation of rapeseed and sunflower residues for methane generation through anaerobic digestion: The effect of pretreatment, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 20, 253-258.
K. Stamatelatou, G. Antonopoulou, A. Tremouli and G. Lyberatos (2011). Production of gaseous biofuels and electricity from cheese whey, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 50(2), 639-644.
T. Vlassis, G. Antonopoulou, K. Stamatelatou and G. Lyberatos (2012). Anaerobic treatment of glycerol for methane and hydrogen production, Global Nest, 14(2), 149-156.
V. Diamantis, A. Khan, S. Ntougias, K. Stamatelatou, A.G. Kapagiannidis and A. Aivasidis (2013). Continuous biohydrogen production from fruit wastewater at low pH conditions.Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 36(7), 965-974.
C.S.K. Lin, L.A. Pfaltzgraff, L. Herrero-Davila, E.B. Mubofu, S. Abderrahim, J.H. Clark, A.A. Koutinas, N. Kopsahelis, K. Stamatelatou, F. Dickson, S. Thankappan, Z. Mohamed, R. Brocklesby and R. Luque (2013). Food waste as a valuable resource for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels.Current situation and global perspective, Energy Environ. Sci., 6, 426-464.
T. Vlassis, K. Stamatelatou, G. Antonopoulou and G. Lyberatos (2013) Methane production via anaerobic digestion of glycerol: A comparison of conventional (CSTR) and high-rate (PABR) digesters, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 88(11), 2000-2006.
K. Stamatelatou, N. Giantsiou, V. Diamantis, C. Alexandridis, A. Alexandridis, and A. Aivasidis(2014) Biogas Production From Cheese Whey Wastewater: Laboratory And Full Scale Studies. WST, 69(6), 1320-1325

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Fax: 25410 79315

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